The weekend is here and you’re ready to relax, enjoy the weather, and maybe watch some football. But, before you head out for that hike or kick back with your remote control, take some time to do an inspection of your log home or log cabin. Fall is the perfect time of year to inspect your log home and make sure it is ready for the upcoming cooler weather. It’s also a good time to make a list of maintenance projects that need to be done.

Here is a short list of simple inspection items that can be done this weekend:

  1. Check for dirt that has accumulated against exterior log surfaces. Remove dirt so it is at least 12” away from logs.
  2. Check for firewood stacked against your log home. Firewood that is too close to exterior logs can give bugs an easy way to infest log walls. Move any stacked firewood so it is at least 12” to 18” away from exterior log walls.
  3. Check for plants and shrubs that have grown too close to your home. Plant growth near the exterior logs can prevent good air circulation. Trim any plants to 18” away from exterior log walls.
  4. Check for excessive moisture in logs. If you notice this, look for the culprit. Are your gutters and downspouts in good, clean condition? Are irrigation and sprinkler systems leaking or spraying too heavily near your house?
  5. Check for termite tubes under your house or over cement. If you see any sign of termites, contact a pest control company.
  6. Check for sawdust (frass) on lower logs. This sawdust can be caused by wood-boring beetles. If you see signs of wood-boring beetles, logs should be cleaned and treated with borates and then stained.

Inspection and maintenance is important for all homeowners, but log home maintenance is unique and requires special attention so you can enjoy your beautiful log home or log cabin for years to come.