Our Four Step Process

Our Process

Log home living is a tradition that never loses its charm.  Even with modern innovations, this cozy way of life remains a timeless tradition. Our four-step process is designed to protect this way of life so that you can effortlessly enjoy your log cabin experience.

Cedar and Log Home Renovation

Step One:  Restoration & Preparation

The first step of restoration is clean surfaces. Keeping logs clean will help prevent many problems throughout the life of your log home. A thorough cleaning should be on your home maintenance schedule every few years.

Log cabin restoration in Arkansas

Step Two:  Using Preservatives

The second step in restoration is to protect the logs against mold, mildew, and infestation. Insects that commonly infest log cabins include beetles, borers, carpenter bee larvae and termites.

Log Cabin Repair in Arkansas

Step Three:  Staining and Finishing

All log homes should be refinished every 2 to 7 years to repel moisture and protect against UV rays. Choosing the right products will ensure that the finish coat does just that.

log cabin staining arkansas

Step Four:  Chinking & Sealing

Chinking provides the all-important barrier to keep wind, water, and insects from penetrating the wall system. Our chinking will last for the life of your structure.

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