Restoration & Preparation

Cleaning and Restoring Your Logs

Most log cabin problems come from improper upkeep. A thorough cleaning is the first step of log home maintenance and will help prevent water and insects from penetrating your cabin. Even logs that have weathered to a gray color can be restored to that fresh-cut look with a good cleaning.

Restoration and Repair of Log Cabins in Arkansas

The safest way to clean logs:

There are many options available for cleaning logs. LogMedics believes the safest of all the chemical cleaners available is Wood ReNew from Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. The bleaching element in Wood ReNew is a percarbonate and the byproduct is oxygen. This works much like hydrogen peroxide on a skin breach – it bubbles, bleaches, and disinfects. Using standard bleach on your logs is not recommended.


Streak Reduction

In order to reduce streaks, cleaners should always be applied from the bottom up. This keeps the dirt residue and bleach from developing streaks as it washes down the wall. A proper cleaning involves starting at the bottom and keeping a wet edge. The whole wall should be done consistently before rinsing carefully with a lot of water from the top down. Several rinses are often needed to get the logs completely clean and free of residue. If you’re looking for a quicker fix, Pressure washers are easier and do a more thorough job than a regular garden hose. However, caution must be used with a pressure washer to avoid spray gouges in the log surface as these can be very difficult to remove. Using the correct fan or cone tip (not a pencil tip) and keeping the spray head at least 8 inches away from the logs is the best way to avoid gouging and damaging the logs.

Restore Your Log Home