Restoration Testimonials from happy clients

LogMedics has a great reputation with all of our clients due to our professionalism and care. Our customers know that we want this to be a learning process for them and a job well done for us.

See what our clients have to say:

“I had to take a few minutes to thank you for the work you did on my home.  It looks great!  It turned out better than I imagined and I’ve received nothing but compliments from all who’ve seen it.  I also want to thank you for taking the time, on numerous occasions, to discuss any questions or concerns I may have had, especially your suggestion of the “stone grey” color.  It goes so well with the wooded location of the house. It would be remiss of me not to mention the professionalism, politeness and work ethic of your employees. ”
Lloyd F. Johnsom

“Tony – I just want to thank you and your crew for the great restoration you did on my log cabin.  I have received so many compliments on the job – the color, application etc.  Your guys did an awesome job and completed the task in a very reasonable amount of time.  There are no overlap marks with the finish as I have seen on other jobs.  I will definitely contact you for further work and have been recommending you to others in the Branson area.  Thanks so much!”
Sharon Gann Kimberling City

“Thank you for all your help finding the right person to do the maintenance work on our log home. Introducing us to Tony Woodward and his crew at Log Medics was the perfect answer for us.

As you know our project was large,  it included the home, all the decks around it and the garage, which was in tough shape and had to be stripped to the bare logs.  They worked thru the entire process on everything: logwash, stripping, sanding, re-chinking, caulking, staining, chink paint and clear coat.

They did a great job, but what really impressed me with Tony and his crew was how conscientious they were, they really did do the work as if it was their home. They saw and fixed things we never noticed and didn’t even call them to our attention.  Instead of just going over the top of things, they just fixed it!  For example, they was an area on the home that wasn’t going to restain well so they stripped to bare wood, and stained it to match the rest of the house.  In another area we had blistered chinking we weren’t  even aware of, they scrapped it all out and replaced it. They just did things right.

Tony brought a crew of 7, all experienced, hard working and all pleasant to boot. We’re delighted with their work and wanted you to know. Thanks again Paul for your help and this introduction.”

Dean & Linda Weiland

“I wanted to send you a quick note as to the house. The job you did and the PermaChink is amazing. It looks great and more important, it sealed the house. This winter with the extreme cold weather and always a wind here in Oklahoma, we had zero drafts around window and doors. The house actual stayed warmer with very little use of the furnace.
Again, thank you for doing a great job.”
Chuck & Meg Pearson

Skiatook, OK

“I have to tell you that, just as you said, it looks great, stays cleaner, more comfortable and even during this miserably hot summer, our electric bill WENT DOWN!”

“Thanks for all your work Tony. We could not have found a better company than LogMedics to refinish our log home. Tony and his crew were very professional, and their years of expertise in refinishing log homes gave us the quality results we were looking for on our logs and deck. Tony’s knowledge of Perma Chink products was extensive and he advised us carefully in making the right choices of stain colors and top coats for our logs, rails, and deck. He listened well to our input, our questions were answered to our satisfaction, and our needs were addressed with a “can do” attitude. The quality of work and attention to detail by his crew was excellent. The final result was exactly what we were hoping for, and choosing LogMedics was the right choice. Our home looks beautiful and it will be well protected for years to come thanks to Tony, his crew, and the Perma Chink products they use. Our thanks and appreciation for a great job guys!”
Wes & Marisa Wadkins

“It’s been three months since you finished restoring my family’s log home. I have to tell you that, just as you said, it looks great, stays cleaner, more comfortable and even during this miserably hot summer, our electric bill WENT DOWN!  All the logs and end logs on the corners, that I thought were beyond repair are just like new logs.

We are so pleased with the restoration and the repair that you and your very talented crew did that I want you to feel free to give my phone number to anyone needing a reference.

Also here is a short description of the predicament I was in until I found LogMedics.

Our log home is on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs. It was built by my grandparents in the early 1930’s around the time the lakes were being developed. The house has been well taken care of but finding someone to work on a log home that knows what they are doing and understanding the construction is not easy.

It had gotten to the point that the logs needed some real attention. The logs needed to be cleaned and treated. In the past we tried painting contractors and that was a nightmare. I thought some of the logs needed replacing along with some of the end logs on the corners of the house. For years we have had huge utility bills and constant dust in the house because the chink between the logs had separated and needed attention. After spending months searching for someone that specialized in log homes I called Perma Chink and ask them if they knew of anyone. That’s where I got your name and company.

I think everyone should know that I am very particular and you and your crew did an outstanding job and were wonderful to work with. And, on top of that, fixed several things that  you found that needed fixing and just tended to it and did not charge me.

It’s very nice to work with people that you can totally trust and Tony Woodward and his crew can be totally trusted. They are true craftsmen that love their work.”

Conner Limerick

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