Using Preservatives

Protect Your Logs from Infestation, Mold and Mildew

Borates are the recommended preservative to keep your logs preserved longer and to protect against mold, mildew, and infestation.  Borates are EPA registered pesticides. They are much safer for the consumer and the environment than many other pesticides. Several options of borate wood preservatives are available.

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Wettable Powders

Wettable powders and glycol carried borates disperse very quickly into the logs and are often recommended for quicker diffusion. Depending on wood moisture content and local weather conditions, glycol carried borates can take up to 2 weeks or more to dry. Logs treated in hot, dry weather might be ready to stain in two days while cold, damp, and wet logs could take over two weeks before they are ready. It is important to always test early in the morning before the sun dries out the surface of the logs. If the logs feel damp and a bit slippery, wait. If the logs are dry and not slippery, you are ready to apply the stain.

Impel Rods

Impel Rods are fused borate rods that look and feel similar to glass. Once inserted into damp or wet wood, the rods dissolve dispersing the borate. These rods are effective but take a very long time to dissolve and diffuse.

Be Cautious of “In-Can Preservatives”

Exterior pigmented stains that have “preservatives” incorporated in the stain are ineffective. Most biocides added to paints and stains are what are referred to as “in-can preservatives.” The function of these preservatives is to prevent molding and spoiling of the contents while in the pail when they don’t have enough concentration for actual pesticide usage. True pesticide products must be labeled as such and be approved by the EPA. If they are not labeled and approved by the EPA, they do not have enough concentration of biocide to truly control biological activity.

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