As a log homeowner, you might think you know everything there is to do at a log cabin. You’ve spent your days hiking, fishing, and basking in the hot summer sun. You even brought the dog along for long walks and plenty of fresh air. But, with only a few more weeks of summer left, you’re scrambling to use your cabin as much as you can. Have you found yourself wondering what else you and your loved ones can do at your log cabin? Here are some end of summer activities you can do while you’ve still got time.


Make your last few weeks of summer count with a cookout. You can invite neighbors, friends, and family to join you at your beautiful log home this summer. Cook up some fan favorites like burgers, hot dogs, and barbecue. And don’t forget the smores. You know what makes a cookout even better? Music! Bring out the radio or a speaker and pump some of your favorite tunes while your loved ones enjoy the great outdoors.

Yard Games

Take your family back to a simpler time with yard games. While some may think classic yard games are outdated, game companies are doing a great job at introducing new fun ways to get outside. Have you ever played Spikeball? This simple game is a classic in the making and even has worldwide competitions. Other new and exciting games include Flickin’ Chicken, Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game, and Ladder Toss. New games can be fun, but classics are classics for a reason. Try spending your time at the cabin introducing your kids to games you grew up on with bag-o, frisbee, kick-the-can, croquette, or even horseshoes.  Find rules for common yard games here.

Star Gazing

While stargazing may seem like an obvious outdoor activity, how often do you actually take the time to look up at the stars with your loved ones? Make an event out of it and pile blankets and snacks in the car before you drive out to an open area. This activity is simple, free, and definitely worth your time. Try to spot a few shooting stars while you’re at it. Check out these stargazing apps for your phone to help you identify what you are viewing in the night sky: The Best Free Stargazing Apps Of 2018

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a classic outdoor activity. Bird identification books can be found at every bookstore and sometimes pamphlets can be found at park information centers. Show your family that a simple hike can turn into a great learning experience. You could even try bringing along plant and tree identification books to learn more about the life that surrounds your beautiful log home. The Audubon Society has a free website where you can identify birds you see.

No matter what your plans are, we hope you have a great last few weeks of summer at your log cabin home. If you do not live in your cabin year-round, make sure you leave your home in good condition and properly cleaned. Whatever your log home needs are, contact the trusted professionals at LogMedics or call 866-956-4633.