When cabin logs absorb too much moisture, the wood starts to rot. Wood rot is a slow process where fungi starts to grow and the wood slowly deteriorates. As you probably know, this is bad news for any log cabin homeowner. But, the exterior finish you applied on your log home is meant to keep out the moisture that can rot log cabin logs. You might think this will take care of water damage entirely, but an exterior finish cannot always prevent foundational wood rot. When cabin logs are too close to the ground, the dirt and moisture in dark conditions create a breeding ground for mold and fungus. Here are a few tips on how to prevent foundational wood rot in your beautiful log home.

Use Stones at the Base of Your Home

Using stones around the base of the home repel and deflect water away from the logs. Stones provide a classic look to the cabin environment and provide much better water repellent than mulch. Mulch absorbs the moisture and keeps it near the cabin. This can cause excess moisture to seep down into the foundation of your log home.

Keep Plants Near the Cabin

While plants are a great way to enhance the beauty of your log home, they also help keep moisture away. Organizing plants around the foundation of your log cabin home will not only absorb ground moisture but will also prevent backsplash from the rain. It is recommended that the plants should be placed at least 3 feet from the home.

Direct Water Away

The most obvious source of ground moisture comes from rain and snow. Heavy rains can lead to large amounts of moisture being absorbed into the ground around your cabin. To deter the water, keep gutter downspouts facing away from the cabin. Consider keeping sprinklers and other water sources well away from your log home. Snow buildup is another way that moisture can seep into your cabin’s foundation. Shoveling around the base of your cabin will help keep it clear from snow this winter and can help prevent a buildup of moisture.

Preventing wood rot is instrumental in keeping your log home structurally sound for generations to come. Whatever your log home needs are, contact the trusted professionals at LogMedics. Call 866-956-4633.