Owning a log home is an adventure that comes with unique challenges. Log home owners know that these challenges are well worth the experience that living in a timeless cabin provides. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the feeling of owning a beautiful and rustic home that is suited to your outdoor lifestyle. But, it is so important to keep up with the maintenance that log cabin logs require to look and work their best. Restoring your log cabin can seem like an overwhelming task without the help of professionals. Our four-step process has set us apart as a company and has allowed us to help countless homeowners revitalize their home.

Step 1: Restoration and Preparation

The first step of restoration is to clean all log cabin surfaces. With an entire log home to clean, homeowners often feel overpowered by the amount of work this first step involves. We provide this service so you can spend your time in activities that are more important to you. Keeping logs clean will help prevent many problems throughout the life of your log home and should be on your home maintenance schedule every few years.

Step 2: Using Preservatives

The second step in restoration is to protect the cabin logs against mold, mildew, and infestation. Using preservatives gives you peace of mind that you are not sharing your home with any unwanted visitors. Insects that commonly infest log cabins include beetles, borers, carpenter bee larvae and termites. We make sure your home stays free of these nuisances so your logs can be preserved longer.

Step 3: Staining and Finishing

The primary reason to finish logs is to repel moisture and protect against UV rays. This refinishing should happen every 5-7 years to make sure that your log cabin home is protected against all types of weather. Choosing the right products will ensure that the finish coat does its job well.

Step 4: Chinking and Sealing

This last step is often difficult for log home owners since it is so important to get it right. Chinking provides the all-important barrier to keep wind, water, and insects from penetrating the wall system. This is big task with a lot of pressure for an inexperienced owner to try to tackle. Our chinking will last for the life of your structure.

We know that every decision in the log cabin restoration process can have a big impact on your home. Make sure your cabin is preserved and protected with our four-step process.

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