While choosing a color is a personal choice, there are ways to help make your decision easier. Start out by looking through photos of log homes and cabins and find ones that you like. Then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I drawn to lighter or darker finishes?
  2. Do I like a lot of contrast between the logs and trim?
  3. Am I drawn to a fresh crisp look or a more weathered look?
  4. Do I like gold undertones? Or, do I prefer grays?

Using color:

If you like color but aren’t sure about how to use it without being overwhelmed, think about adding color in your trim, millwork, or timber. Popular accent colors are influenced by global trends and give you many options to reflect your personal style. When choosing an exterior color, remember to consider your current roof color so everything works together.

Adding pops of color with furniture is another simple way to incorporate color. Think garnet red rocking chairs on your front porch or a midnight blue table in your entryway.

An experienced log home restorer like LogMedics can be a great source of information for you – they can be helpful in narrowing down your choices by the colors that don’t fit the look you’re hoping to achieve. Show them pictures of the log homes and cabins that speak to you and they can guide you in your color choices.

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules to choosing the color of stain for your log home or log cabin. Just go with what you love!