Are you a new log home owner? Are you thinking about investing in one? Or maybe you stayed in a log cabin recently and want to do a little research on the upkeep of owning your own wooden creation.

Routine maintenance of your log home is the key to ensure that there is proper protection from damaging UV radiation from the sun, water damage, air infiltration, as well as insect and rodent intrusion.

It is important to remember that log home maintenance does not stop when you walk inside the home. Keeping the gorgeous home looking good on the outside is great, but to really protect the investment in a log home lifestyle, the inside maintenance is critical.

Here are a few helpful hints for inside the log home:

  • A protective stain allows wood to breathe and also provides a tough film that can be dusted and cleaned easily. To reinforce the beauty of your logs, always apply a semi-transparent stain.
  • Inspect your log home carefully for water stains as these might indicate leakage. Identify and remove the source then seal any gaps to prevent water intrusion.
  • Clean and stain light-colored wood around windows that has been degraded by the sun. Replace any signs of decay on sashes and sills using borates and epoxies.
  • Check for decay on log ends. Repair, stain and coat any damages with Log End Seal.
  • Increase ventilation in areas like crawl spaces and basements and be on the look-out for signs of insects and rodents that could cause damage to the wood.


Log homes are beautiful and fun to have, but it is important to take care of them. A detailed annual inspection is a must for anyone interested in owning one. It is well worth the effort since small repairs can prevent future damage that may end up costing thousands of dollars to restore.

Do you need help maintaining your log home? Contact the Log Home experts at LogMedics to schedule a yearly check-up and proper maintenance plan, so that you can enjoy your home worry free.