Log cabins are known for being sturdy and classic structures. While log cabin homes can take a punch when it comes to the natural elements, it is up to the owner to educate themselves on how natural elements can affect their home. One element that can have harsh effects on log cabins is the wind.

Built to Last

Log cabin houses are already built to last. They have stood the test of time and will continue to do so. Due to their weight and tightly packed construction style, log cabin logs help keep the structure grounded during even the fiercest of storms. Even though these homes are meant to protect us, we should still do our part to prevent any further damage.


Heavy force winds can speed up the drying and cracking of wood, chinking and caulk. This can cause unsightly blemishes and checks. Checks are cracks that develop naturally in the wood. It is not only the wind itself that poses a threat to the look of your home, but dirt and sand picked up by the wind can also have damaging effects. When the wind picks up enough power and speed it can whip other elements into the logs resulting in dents, cracks and a worn-out surface.

Preventing wind damage

As a log home owner, you will want to protect your property. The best way to make sure you are protecting your home is through the use of proper chinking and a log cabin preservative. These design elements help protect the wood from natural elements such as wind and rain. Educate yourself on the best way to approach log cabin maintenance at www.LogMedics.com.

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