The wildlife surrounding your beautiful log cabin could be one of your favorite things about living in such a classic and timeless home. You watch the deer running across your lawn and the birds circling overhead and you know this is the life for you. But, then you notice that something has begun to chew on your exterior wood. The beautiful log cabin logs that you spent so much time picking out and caring for are beginning to look like something is tearing through them. This is most likely caused by squirrels and while they might be cute, no log cabin home owner needs these four-legged upstairs neighbors.

The Damage

Squirrels are everywhere and typically don’t cause any trouble for the regular home owner, but a log cabin owner knows that these small creatures can cause big problems. Log home owners constantly deal with trying to keep squirrels from gnawing and chewing on the ends of the logs on their log home. One of the reasons is because squirrels love to burrow inside warm places, specifically your log cabin. Squirrels chew their way through the wood and into your home, leaving damaged logs and exposing your home to the outside elements. Once inside, the squirrels will make their nest and this means more squirrels and more feces inside your home.

A Simple Solution

While these little intruders are frustrating, there is an easy way to prevent them from trying to enter your home and chewing on your wood. One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply buy a squirrel feeder or a salt lick and keeping it away from your structure. One of the main reasons a squirrel will chew on wood is to get the salt from the logs. A squirrel feeder keeps the animals preoccupied and away from your home. A salt lick will also do the trick if it is placed away from the log cabin. Another solution is to cut back branches from being near the roof of the house and planting trees at least twelve feet away from the exterior of the home.

Keeping a pest free home is important to any log home owner. Log homes are special and unique properties to own and should be properly taken care of to retain their value and charm.

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