Imagine you’ve just made the exciting decision to build your very own log cabin. You picture cozy nights during the winter and endless fun during the summer. You can’t wait to be nestled into an authentic and classic log home. But then, you get into the details. What will the windows look like? How big should you build? Some questions are easier to answer than others. One question log home owners often struggle with is “What kind of logs should we choose?” No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here is a quick review of four types of commonly used wood for your log home construction.

Eastern White Pine

Stable and straight grained, Eastern White Pine has a beautiful range of colors. This range includes nearly white sapwood to a golden hued heartwood. This wood is sourced from the East Coast of the U.S as well as the Great Lakes.

Pro tip:Eastern White Pine is incredibly workable. It’s a favorite in the log home industry!

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a highly stable wood with distinguishing characteristics such as weather and insect resistant, a high degree of insulation, decay resistance, length availability, low shrinkage factor, excellent finishing qualities and rich coloring.  Coloring varies from a dark reddish brown to a nearly white sapwood. This wood is grown exclusively in the Pacific Northwest.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is a classic option for log homes. The bark of this wood is very strong and results in less marking during logging. Due to its unique natural stability, Douglas Fir seasons well and has a moderate decay resistance.


Most available in the southeastern United States, Cypress is celebrated for being very decay resistant in its environment. This means less time for you worrying about log repair and log replacement. The Sapwood leans toward a nearly white coloring while the heartwood varies in color from yellows to browns.

While these are just a few options for choosing log cabin logs, the possibilities of your new home are endless. Whatever your log cabin home needs are, contact the experienced professionals at LogMedics. 866-956-4633